How BizNurture Makes Loans Without Collateral Work For SME Funding

BizNurture is an online platform that provides short term loans for SMEs in Lagos and Port Harcourt. These loans can help cover expenses or urgent cash needs for small businesses, in cases where small businesses might need extra funding or loans to keep the business running, purchase more inventory, hire extra manpower to promote efficiency or expand your physical location.

You might also need equipment for your business; for a business of any size, purchasing equipment can help improve your business, make your product better or help you perform your service, better.1 When other means of funding have been exhausted, BizNurture offers a less complicated and fast lending process.

As a business owner have you ever been short on funds, needed extra capital to execute tasks or other issues that might be solved with a loan? These among many other reasons and factors are what BizNurture works towards solving, in such a way that they provide short term business loans to SMEs, without collateral. And guess what you can get your loan in 48 hours

How does BizNurture work to provide funding for SMEs, online, in 48hours, and without collateral? Before that let’s go through types of loan that they offer.

Loans BizNurture Financial Services Offer

LPO (Local Purchase Order) Financing:

A financing option for small businesses that need money to meet a single or multiple job offers.2  So you own a store,  it is a new year and you need to fill your store with new goods to ensure that you have goods to sell for the new year but you don’t have enough capital to order enough goods, the Local Purchase Order (LPO) financing is a good option for you. If this is you? then begin your application here 

Invoice Discounting:

A Financing option for small businesses to borrow money against amounts due from customers. The total sum of money due for the purchase of a good or service that must be paid by the set due date.3 So basically, you have provided a good or service but you are yet to get the total sum of money, you can take out a loan here from BizNurture, and payback within 1 month to 8 months.

Short-Term Loan:

The short term loan is a financing option for small businesses with regular revenue streams that need money to pay a one-off expense, or take advantage of a great business opportunity such as a sales discount. A short term loan is a valuable option, especially for small businesses, or start-ups that are not yet eligible for a credit line from a bank.4

Working Capital Loan:

You also have the option to get loans to help finance everyday operations for your small businesses. to ensure that the business is up and running at maximum capacity. These loans are not used to buy long-term assets or investments, instead, they are used to provide the working capital that covers your company’s short-term operational needs.5

 FemPreneur Loan:

Female Entrepreneurs, get in here, this product is designed to encourage women in business with a steady monthly cash flow. So as a female entrepreneur in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) if you are ever in need of a loan you can apply here for one. You can have access to loans from ₦500,000 thousand to ₦3,000,000 million.

Edubiz Loan:

School is in session or about to resume, students are yet to start paying fees, and you need to fix a few things here and there; maybe get books, and other school materials and equipment before school officially resumes, then the Edubiz loan is for you.

This is a financing option for schools that need funds to execute a short term project or pay a one-off expense. Repayment is done termly in line with when school fees are received.

Loan Requirements

We are here to help you grow your business.

BizNurture helps to provide solutions that help alleviate the funding problem by providing funds at reasonable prices to businesses that have difficulties accessing traditional finances.

So as mentioned earlier, you do not need collateral to access any of the loans mentioned for funding your business in Lagos and Port Harcourt. No collateral needed how cool is that?

However, there are still a few requirements to ensure that you get the loan: 

To make your application process faster, here is a list of basic documents you are required to provide.

More may be required from you, depending on the type of loan requested. 

  • Must be 2 years or more in business
  • Request letter on letterhead
  • CAC documents
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Copy of the LPO to be financed / invoice to be discounted
  • Copy of valid ID card
  • Guarantors.
  • If a Business Name, two 3rd parties must guarantee the business owner
  • If a Limited Liability Company, the MD must guarantee the loan, as well as a 3rd party.

list of loan requirements for BizNurture Loans

How it works

At BiZNurture you can access funds 48 hours after you have applied and submitted necessary documents,.

Furthermore, once your documents have been accessed and approved, you get the requested amount to fund your business in Lagos and Port Harcourt.

So how do you apply?

Visit and click the “Apply Now” button. If you are a first-time borrower, you will be able to apply for a loan only after registration. Click the “Register” button to create an account with BizNurture.

Clients who are already registered with BizNuture can apply for loans once logged on to the web application.  Usually, within 48 hours after all relevant loan documents have been executed and returned to BizNurture.

You get your loan.If you already have an account, log in. The minimum loan amount is ₦500,000 thousand and the maximum amount is ₦5,000,000 million.

The minimum and maximum loan terms are 1 month and 8 months respectively

If you need a loan to help your business grow, BizNurture Financial services has loan options that fit your business, depending on what you need a loan to help you make your business dream a reality. So click the link here to begin your application for a loan now.





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