Free Webinar- Survival and Growth Post COVID-19

We have a free webinar coming up for business owners on the 21st of April. All you have to do is click on the link to register for the free webinar. Our Legal Specialist, Onowe Ajulo will be talking about survival and growth post COVID-19, as well as legal and business tips for SMEs. Things are changing and the current time we are in requires us to think strategically and manage legal risks effectively. This and much more will be discussed during the webinar. Click on the link to register now.

The invite link and other information will be sent to your email after registration. Onowe Ajulo is a sound legal professional with experience in the provision of legal services to companies particularly Small to Medium sized Enterprises. Her core area of competence includes; compliance monitoring, contract review and drafting, management of the company secretariat and provision of legal advisory services. She is focused on the provision of cost-effective yet legally compliant solutions to everyday business problems. Onowe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Do not miss this!!

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